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What men like about prostitutes

The prostitute is the oldest profession. Since ancient times people have turned to them. Now we live in the 21st century, the era of sexual revolution. But men call escorts not only here in Abu Dhabi or other “strict” countries, but even in broad-minded European countries. And throughout the centuries they have wanted the same thing. Let’s try to figure out what it is.

Well, here in Abu Dhabi premarital sex is officially forbidden so of course a man doesn’t want to marry only to be able to have sex. But I worked in West Europe where many people live together and don’t get married and still I had lots of clients. So, it’s not only about culture, but it’s more about male psychology. Men want sex. They don’t want any strings attached unless they really fall in love. Men have always been ready to pay for female body. This makes our industry never-dyeing. But why do they feel so comfortable dating escorts? Firstly, a man likes to dominate and to be a master. He pays you for sex and he calls the shots. Hookers are clever enough to give him a feeling of total control over situation. We like to play, why not. At least men pay for it!

Secondly, wives charge for sex too. They want new clothes, new jewelry. But unlike us, they speak about all this all the time and literally blow up men’s mind. When meeting a prostitute, a client knows he has to pay. But what does he hear from us: “ Hello honey, come and get me, my sweetheart”. Hardly any wife greets her husband like this. Yes, we are light-hearted. Men feel at ease with us. We are playful and never blow up their mind.

What is more, we pretend to want them and they believe. Not every wife can pretend like this. Men feel great – sexy and strong. They pay for this feeling and we get our money. We know men’s psychology and we do exactly the things they expect us to do.

Who is a prostitute? A woman with a sexy body, ready for all kinds of sex experiments, always wanting you and never demanding anything. She would not complain about her problems or appear in your life when you don’t want it. She will not call you in the middle of business conference and she wants sex exactly when you want it. She will never tell you that you are not good enough and she will pamper you and spoil you. Isn’t this a portrait of a prefect woman every man keeps in his head? It surely is. That’s why a profession of a prostitute will live forever.

As for high class escorts, they are geishas of modern times. Do you remember the stories about the fairies who could seduce men with just showing their wrists and who could become the closest friend and consultant for a noble gent? Sex was the merest thing that a geisha could offer to her guest. So are today’s high end escorts. Gorgeous well-educated and well-travelled ladies who are perfect companions in any situation – in public, in bed or on a yacht. Men are still ready to pay a fortune for a night with such a lady. A woman by a man’s side is his pride, his status and the basis of his self-confidence.

Prostitutes are wise. They know men’s psychology. Even if they are cheap and not educated, life gives them a lot of experience. We are much wiser than “regular” girls and much slier.  That’s why men will always look for bliss in the arms of sex ladies.

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  1. Isa Bella

    September 18, 2019 at 5:49 am

    100% true! It’s so funny that women don’t understand it and think that prostitutes are just open to men, and “good” girls are not. In fact some men just feel more comfortable with prostitutes than they do with their wives. Even the richest men prefer prostitutes and that’s not for nothing!


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