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I have been working in escort business for a long time and I have seen lots of men. I often divide clients into categories because some men act behave and think alike. Every great client is individual but all annoying men are alike. For example, there is a strange category of men which I don’t like. Usually these men are real bores with zero charm and little sex experience. Their peculiarity is that they want to have sex on the one hand and they have to turn to prostitutes because girls don’t like them. On the other hand they are real bores and they are very squeamish toward women in general and especially escorts. They feel disgust to female body and they think it is dirty. Well, having natural sex with an escort is unsafe, it’s true. But these nerds don’t feel comfortable even touching you and kissing you. They are afraid to catch some disease or germs. They are so nervous about the whole business that it would be really better for them to stay at home and avoid sex. Or find a virgin and marry her, but they can’t.

One client who was a nice guy told me his sad story. He was in love with one girl and he was struggling for her for 3 years. He made surprises and bought her presents. He was so much in love with her that she decided he was not a bad party. When she finally said yes to him he told her that she had to bring a medical certification because they were going to have sex. Of course he never saw her again and he couldn’t understand what he did wrong. He started apologizing but it was too late. It’s a ridiculous story but that’s how paranoids can ruin their lives.

Once I visited a client and he wiped all the things I touched in his flat with alcohol wipes. In my presence. When I saw this I thought he would never have a girlfriend or a wife. By the way he was very rich. But such an attitude towards women will never let him be happy with someone. I can’t understand men who despise prostitutes but visit them. They don’t respect themselves first of all. They are poor slaves of their bodies. I have lots of clients who make me feel special, who make me feel loved and who worship and respect women in general. It doesn’t mean they are light-minded. They always use condoms and check my medical certifications. Because they respect me and themselves. And when they ask for it, you don’t feel insulted because it’s just a talk of two grown-up people. But they are not like those coward paranoids who don’t want to touch you because you are too dirty for their sterile houses and bodies.

There is a proverb: ” after the feast comes the reckoning”. I mean you choose and you decide what to do with your life. Either you hire a prostitute and take risks (the more expensive the prostitute is, the less risks you take, so earn more), or you learn how to communicate with girl and find a decent girlfriend, or you solve your sexual problems with your right hand. Or with your left hand. It’s going to be the safest sex in your life. Actually the chance of catching some sexually transmitted disease from an “open-minded” girl in a bar is higher than getting it from a hooker. Such girls don’t check their health regularly and often forget about rubber after a few glasses of whiskey.

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