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An old gentleman who surprised me

When people learn about my job, sometimes their first reaction is “uh, you have to sleep with creakers! It’s so disgusting”. One the one hand it’s partly true. Elderly men smell not very nice and their skin is not as resilient as young guys’ skin. They often have problems with teeth and of course with vigor. Lots of them take some pills like Viagra before they come to me and can’t get satisfied for several hours.

But let me tell you: old gents who love their bodies are much nicer then some young guys. Moreover, their rich experience in bed sometimes can drive you crazy. Of course some men remain clumsy and unskilled even when they are about eighty. Moreover, once I had a 50 year old virgin!

Once I had a client, an American gentleman. He was about 70. He looked smart – very elegant and well-behaved. A real gentleman. I could see in all his behavior that he used to be a heart-killer and women loved him a lot. I don’t know what made him call an escort. Maybe he was afraid to loose his charm or he was afraid of old age. Probably he needed someone to show his sex skills and someone to admire him. But I could see that the aim of his visit was not to get physical pleasure, but to make me admire him. And of course he got what he wanted.

He was not married and he was travelling around the world. We spent several hours in a restaurant and he told me lots of exciting stories about his journey to Africa and to Siberia. He was so light-hearted and easygoing that it was real pleasure talking with him. After that we went to his hotel room in one of the best hotels in Abu Dhabi with a perfect view of the city.

And after we both got naked he started surprising me. Firstly I was really surprised by his body. It was a strong tanned body with a perfect bearing and a trim figure. It made me doubt about his age but his face showed the truth. It looked a bit like somebody joined an old head to a young body. Perhaps he spent a lot of time in the gym. But if you don’t start grooming your body when you are young you’ll never look like this when you are retired.

Secondly I was surprised by his compliments. Usually they are so boring and banal, but his every compliment reached my heart. He seemed to see me from the inside and he knew the right words to turn a woman on. And when he started kissing me I got amazed with how sensual and skillful he was. He seemed to know my every erogenous zone! He got horny immediately and his dick was hard until we finished. It was a long sex, sometimes active, sometimes sensual. He knew a lot of sex positions and mastered them perfectly. He gave me absolutely fantastic orgasms! I even couldn’t count them. And he was so satisfied to see me in a bliss. This old man made me feel so special and he brought so much pleasure. I have never met a young guy who could do that. So don’t underestimate the role of sex experience, personal charm and good care of the body. An old man can easily beat a young man. Every age gives you some privilege and its your choice whether to use it or not. Self confident and generous men, who love themselves and love women will always have privilege over those who don’t. A lot of young good-looking boys are much more disgusting than this 70 year-old gentleman .

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