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How we worked as duo escorts

I’m an individualist. I like to be tet-a-tet with my clients, but in my life I’ve had some experience working with another girl and this experience was great.

When I was working for an, I always met my clients alone, but when I started working for myself as an independent escort, I thought it would be fun to work together with another girl. Maybe in that period of my life I was looking for something new. New emotions and new ways to surprise men. I was a bit bored with my job and wanted to make it more colourful. Moreover, the idea of a treesome excited me. I used to watch a lot of porn with two girls and one man and I enjoyed it. I had a lot of scenarios in my head where I imagined me, another hottie and a guy making love together. So I told to myself that this kind of experience is worth a try. Especially, if my girlfriend would be pretty and sexy. So, I started looking for a perfect companion for working as a duo. I needed someone kinky, beautiful and honest.

At that time I had a friend. We used to work together but then she left the business. She started working in beauty industry and even found a boyfriend, but sometimes she didn’t mind having some fun. Just as a hobby. Let’s name her Lucy, for example. So we decided to charge a lot for such double pleasure. We didn’t have lots of clients, because not every man could afford it. But some of them could. It was a kind of entertainment for the elite.

I loved these encounters with a client and Lucy. We had real fun and we teased and tourched our clients. We loved to dress up: an angel and a devil, two schoolgirls, two nurses… We performed a mind-blowing lesbian show and when the client wanted to join us, we didn’t let him do it immediately thus driving him mad. We loved food shows, feeding each other with fruit and berries and cream.

Also we mastered some duo blowjob techniques. For example Lucy had ice in her mouth and I had hot tea ( it looked especially impressive when we were dressed as an angel and a devil). Literally, we could drive a man mad. Sometimes I regret that I’m not a man and I can’t feel all these pleasures. I’m dark-skinned and dark-haired and Lucy had Polish roots ( guess who used to be a devil in our couple). She was a blondie with green eyes, very beautiful and graceful. I would not work with her if she wasn’t so attractive. After about two years of our work she got married and bore children so she stopped being my partner, but I still remember those days.

I liked this experience but I never wanted to work as a duo on a daily basis. On the website where I find my clients I have seen many ads of duo escorts. They always work together. Actually I can’t understand it. When I’m with a man, I must be his only woman and I use all my charm to fascinate him and I always aim to make him fall in love with me. Meeting a client is all about privacy and intimacy. It’s all about two people and chemistry between them. Yes, sometimes it’s fun to have a threesome but it’s more like an exception, not a rule.

Also I noticed that in most cases duo escorts are cheap escorts. Usually these are girls who come to Abu Dhabi from poor countries and they rent a flat together and thus they feel comfortable working together. They feel safe and comfortable being with a friend and get more money than they would normally have for individual date. But if you ask me, I think they are just not so valuable by themselves. Sometimes one woman is worth a dozen of other women. A successful escort should be gorgeous from the outside and not empty inside. Men feel it even if they want just sex. I know exactly what I can give to a man. I mean his satisfaction, emotions and bliss.

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