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How prostitutes trick their clients

It’s not a secret that not only girls feel unsafe dating men for money, but men feel unsafe too. They want sex but sometimes it’s very difficult to trust an unknown woman who wants your money. Here are the most common ways to trick the clients.

First of all, don’t try to find a partner for a night on backpages or something like this. Very often a girl who will come to you will turn out to be twenty years older and twenty kilograms heavier then you expected.  A lot of photos on backpages are fake. And if she comes with her security, you will not have a chance to avoid paying for all night.

If you find a hooker on a good escort directory, you usually get the woman you see on the photo. But there are several pitfalls too. Firstly, you should ask beforehand what services are included exactly. It can turn out that the price includes only classic sex, and all blowjobs, striptease, massages and especially anal demand extra payment. When you find her doing a fantastic blowjob, believe me, you won’t be able to stop. And probably you will have to pay a lot if she lets you know after she starts. You will say “yesss” and regret afterwards. So discuss all the details before the meeting.

The second trap is the following. The girls usually announce that they get money for their time, not for sex, because prostitution is illegal almost in every country of the world. So some ladies meet a man and talk to him, seduce him, kiss him and make a massage. When an hour is over, she may say that she has to go and she can’t stay for another hour. And she will leave you horny and unsatisfied. And you will have to pay for this hour. Otherwise you’ll have problems either with her security or with police (if she is under protection of police and this happens quite often).

Another thing that can be fake is, unfortunately, the girl’s medical certification. A lot of prostitutes don’t care for their health and don’t want to take tests regularly. They just pay money to the doctor and the doctor gives her fake medical certification. That’s why I’m telling you: never have unsafe natural sex with a prostitute. You can loose your health, your family and your life.

Virginity is also quite a challenging issue. There are special websites where girls sell their virginity and it costs a fortune. Personally I sold mine on such a website. It’s a very serious business and a potential customer can check you at his doctor’s. Nobody is able to lie on such sites. If you have made an operation on restoring your virginity – it won’t work. The doctor will notice it immediately. But on some usual escort directories there are girls who charge more than others saying that they are virgins and showing you some certifications from a doctor. Well, almost 100% it’s a lie. The certifications are fake and the girl is going to show you slapstick with lots of moans and maybe even blood. Are you sure you want to pay for this show?

Also you should understand that 50% of escorts’ “absolutely natural” breasts and lips are not natural at all as well as their fantastic orgasms.

As for crimes, thievery and other shit… well, if you book a reputed escort with good reviews and loyal clients, it’s not likely to happen to you. Turn to escort agencies or reputed escort directories and you will face only little lies, not big problems.

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  1. Dandy

    September 18, 2019 at 8:21 am

    I call a hooker and this bitch stole my wallet. She took all my money I’ve earned last month. I was left without a cent in a foreign country. Fucking whore!


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