call girl stories

Girls who turn to prostitutes

I can’t say I’m bisexual but I don’t mind meeting girls and family couples. First of all it lets me earn more money. Secondly it’s a fun experience. Thirdly, it’s nice to spend time with people of your own sex.

I can’t say that women often turn to prostitutes. It’s not a common thing for a woman to pay for sex. Women want to be paid for sex, no matter if they are heterosexual, bisexual or lesbian. It’s deep in the human culture and all women are born with a thought that sex with them is a gift.

Lesbies usually try to find partners among lesbies. Mostly they are not sexy well-groomed beauties, but male-looking creatures with short haircuts and flat breasts. So who usually call prostitutes? Well, mostly kinky heterosexual girls who are willing to try something new and who have tried a lot in bed with men. It’s the category I like. Very often it’s their first lesbian experience and sometimes they are shy or they are afraid. I like being their teacher and I enjoy helping them to relax and to get absolutely new emotions. It’s so amazing to watch this combination of fear and desire when their bodies melt under your hands and lips. They usually get surprised at how good girls are in oral sex. No man can do it as good as a woman can. A combination of taboo and my skills make them cum in the first minute. It’s very important to be delicate and understanding with such new-comers and the encounter will become their best memory.

The second category of women I don’t really like are elderly single lesbian women. Some of them have husbands, others are just lonely. Lots of them are ashamed of their sexual orientation and try to hide it from others. Mostly they are not gentle and they want to fuck you like real men. Sometimes they turn out to be BDSM lovers.

Once in my life I had a funny story. One lesbian client fell in love with me.  She booked me every weekend and she told me about love and she even composed poems for me. She said that I was her third woman and that I smell like a goddess and that she masturbated ten times a day thinking about me. She was cute. Very young, about 23. She was smart, an IT specialist. She looked like a boy – tiny and fragile, with very little breast and short hair. She was Japanese and very nice. I treated her like my younger friend and I supported her when she had some problems. But of course I would never fall in love with a girl.

When we had sex, she was kissing all my body head over feet, she whispered some sweet words to my ear and after sex she would sleep on my boobs like a child. I loved her in my own way. But then she stopped visiting me. I hope she found I girl or a boy of her dream.

Also I had a story when I was invited to a lesbian party. There were glamorous girls, five of them, who wanted to have fun. It was an outcall to a detached house with a swimming pool. Everything looked like a porn movie. Naked busty girls (I’m sure they are not true lesbies and in a couple of years they will be married to some rich guys) having fun in the swimming pool. Why did they need me and sex for money? Well, it’s a difficult question. Perhaps, they just like to buy services. It was quite difficult to satisfy all of them but it was a very profitable deal. I can’t say I enjoyed it but it was quite a memorable day. Thanks God they were all beautiful.

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