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Why men cheat on their wives and turn to prostitutes

I’ve been working in escort for a long time and among my clients there are lots of married men. I can even say that more than a half of my clients are married. Today I want to tell you about different reasons why married men turn to prostitutes. It’s not always their wives’ fault but sometimes it is.

Firstly, there is such a type of men for whom sex and family are different things. They can’t combine them. Sex is lust and dirt, something forbidden and sinful. Family is sacred and their wives are mothers of their children and they can’t switch between these two roles. They can’t whip the mother of their children as a dirty bitch and they can’t get satisfaction from gentle sensual sex with their wives. So these men are always between the devil and the deep blue sea and meeting prostitutes is a good chance for them to get pleasure and to save the family. Such guys usually like to slap you and they can be rude and passionate. They prefer anal sex, BDSM, role plays. Having sex with them is fun when they are not too aggressive.

Another category of married men who visit prostitutes are men whose wives refuse to do kinky things in bed. After trying to talk her into some experiments men loose enthusiasm and try to find quality sex somewhere else. In this case I can say: girls, why are you so boring? Why can’t you make your intimate life more lively? Buy yourself sexy lingerie, master some blowjob technique… your husbands will love you hundred times more..but as you refuse, your husbands sometimes fall in love with me. It happened to me lots of times, because I do everything I can to please them and surprise them, and you don’t. And yes, you don’t look sexy in your stretched training pants in the kitchen.

There is one more category of men. They come to me not just for sex but they need communication. They really want to be respected and appreciated by women. Sex is the thing they least need. They can book you for three hours and cum only once. But they would talk to you for hours about their work and success cause nobody ever listens to them. They love to be pampered and cherished in bed, so I’m always very sensual with them. I kiss them a lot and touch them and do a massage so they usually leave happy. I give them a feeling that women love them.

Another type of men who need rather escorts than prostitutes are wealthy men. Sometimes they are married to very simple women, not too young and not too beautiful. They have good and stable families with children but they want to appear in public surrounded by top models. Maybe they are not confident enough and they want to seem very cool. So they invite top escort girls and spend a night out with them. Sometimes they want us to join them to their bedrooms, sometimes they don’t. Though personally I respect those men who are not afraid to come to a party with their 40 year-old wives who have some extra kilograms on their bellies. But very often it becomes a real battlefield. Who will be surrounded by a more stunning beauty tonight? Of course, escort girls adore such clients. You look great, you admire yourself and you don’t necessarily need to have sex for money. By the way, once in a while some gents visit me with their wives. I love such kinky couples. Usually they are perfect couples, loving and caring..they just want to have fun and give each other new emotions.

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