call girl stories

What men like about prostitutes

The prostitute is the oldest profession. Since ancient times people have turned to them. Now we live in the 21st century, the era of sexual revolution. But men call escorts


I have been working in escort business for a long time and I have seen lots of men. I often divide clients into categories because some men act behave and

An old gentleman who surprised me

When people learn about my job, sometimes their first reaction is “uh, you have to sleep with creakers! It’s so disgusting”. One the one hand it’s partly true. Elderly men

How we worked as duo escorts

I’m an individualist. I like to be tet-a-tet with my clients, but in my life I’ve had some experience working with another girl and this experience was great. When I

How prostitutes trick their clients

It’s not a secret that not only girls feel unsafe dating men for money, but men feel unsafe too. They want sex but sometimes it’s very difficult to trust an

Girls who turn to prostitutes

I can’t say I’m bisexual but I don’t mind meeting girls and family couples. First of all it lets me earn more money. Secondly it’s a fun experience. Thirdly, it’s

Why men cheat on their wives and turn to prostitutes

I’ve been working in escort for a long time and among my clients there are lots of married men. I can even say that more than a half of my